The Best Way to Overcome Insomnia

There is a widespread chronic disease called insomnia. It is very difficult to fix. When lying down in bed, all kinds of thoughts come up, like worries about money, plans about tomorrow, regrets about the past, and so on. Therefore through modern medicine, countless medications like sleeping pills have been developed in order to overcome insomnia. Even though the pills could quickly ease the symptoms, it cannot solve the fundamental problem.

First of all, in order to overcome insomnia, you need to know its cause. The reason for insomnia is simple. Even though you lie in bed to sleep, all of the thoughts never stop. Let’s think of a kettle with boiling water. Even though you set it off from the heat, the water keeps boiling due to its temperature. It is the same principle as this. Even though you try to sleep, you can’t fall into the optimal sleeping state due to too many thoughts in head. Just as when water continues boiling, the brain is continuously activated. That’s why you cannot go into a sleeping state.

When a garbage bin is filled up at your office or home, you empty the bin. However, let’s suppose that your brain is also like a rubbish bin, and you put so many thoughts into your brain every day. However, have you ever emptied the thoughts out, just as you would empty the garbage bin every day? No, you have never because you do not know how to. To throw away thoughts means to actually throw away unnecessary thoughts; it does not mean that you brainwash or erase memories.

Meditation has the method of throwing away the countless and useless thoughts that we have, just as we would empty a garbage bin. If you ask if Meditation is a benefit to those people who have actually practiced Meditation, they would put their thumbs up right away. The method is extremely effective and simple. Even though you empty out and throw away thoughts, your memories do not actually get erased and you do not lose anything. As you throw away more, you would gain more wisdom, can know the principles of the world, and you will have much better ideas about your purpose in life, without the delusional thoughts.

Isn’t it good to see an empty garbage bin? Our brain at the moment is filled up with all kinds of thoughts that we have never emptied out so far. Because you have not emptied your mind, how can you sleep well? Even though you try to sleep, the thoughts endlessly come up. That’s why you cannot sleep. If you use a computer for a long time, the computer can be infected by a virus. If a computer has many unnecessary programs, the computer gets bogged down and doesn’t function properly.  That’s why you need to eliminate the viruses, regularly discard unnecessary programs and format the computer. Then, you can use the computer for many years, without it slowing down. Likewise, you need to take care of your mind. Is subtraction only for a computer? We also need to go to a dentist, don’t we? We regularly go to a dentist for scaling and filling cavities. If not, teeth decay and worsen. Also, people eat healthy food and exercise for their physical health.

However, it is a fact that people do not know the importance of taking care of the mind, which is actually the most important. Or actually, they are not sure about where to take regular treatments or where to learn the method of emptying the mind. Now, there is a program called Meditation. Meditation is so sensational that there are more than 340 local centers all around the world.

Now, everyone can go to a local meditation center and practice the meditation of emptying out the mind while keeping their daily life. As you empty your mind, you can naturally sleep well and become much wiser to deal with your daily issues. It also helps improve your health. It is said that everything is created by the mind. Just as you would empty a garbage bin every day, shouldn’t you empty out the garbage bin that is your mind every day? Everyone can do it. Why don’t you visit the nearest Meditation local center now?

Source: Wisdom’s Webzine