Meditation has been sensational these days. Meditation has been successfully utilized to discover the potential in one’s self. To name few, the founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, the King of Basketball, Michael Jordan, and many other celebrities, like Oprah Winfrey, practiced the meditation to demonstrate their inner potential and so they could make much better outcomes in their careers. Why, then, are so many people willing to practice meditation? The reason is very simple. The mediation helps you to look back at your inner self. Read More

Do you know how successful people are different from others? Countless self-help books are available these days, and according to these books, successful people have the ability to pull out the potential they have from within themselves. Those who have not succeeded yet are the ones who are not even aware that they also have such potential. Of course, one’s innate ability is a plus for success. However, you can also be successful without such special ability.

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It is the generation that we can communicate with almost anyone in the world through social networking. You can look into not only your friends’ daily lives but also friends of friends’ through personal computers or smart phones. Virtually limitless information is pouring out of the net whether you need it or not. As we scroll through, we unconsciously store all information into the brain. In actuality however, how trustworthy would all the live information be? Read More

There is a widespread chronic disease called insomnia. It is very difficult to fix. When lying down in bed, all kinds of thoughts come up, like worries about money, plans about tomorrow, regrets about the past, and so on. Therefore through modern medicine, countless medications like sleeping pills have been developed in order to overcome insomnia. Even though the pills could quickly ease the symptoms, it cannot solve the fundamental problem. Read More

What does “happiness” mean to you?

Happiness can mean different things to different people: A comfortable position for the body, a sense of accomplishment, a temporary moment of forgetting all of the worries and smiling and laughing, taking a trip or holiday off from work, love, family, etc. People are constantly trying to accomplish that happiness. Read More