Nothing Has Ever Given Me The Simple Solution Like This Meditation

Gurgaon Meditation - Nandhini Ashok

“While meditating, so many questions, fear, anxiety
and the things from subconscious mind have come up and have been discarded.
And finally I could see the reality which I’ve never seen before.”

Nandhini Ashok / Physiotherapist / Gurgaon, India

I visited Gurgaon Meditation one and half years ago, but somehow I couldn’t start at that time due to circumstances. After 1.5 years, I came back to give it a try at my wit’s end to get out of my false mind.

I would have been the only person who just cried all through the introduction session. My emotions were overflowing and my anger was beyond my limits due to stress and burden of the garbage I had collected for so many years. Nothing was taking away the grief inside. Even the happiness I occasionally experienced got sucked into the negativity again. This cycle kept going on until I joined this meditation and started to discard my mind. Read More

The Meditation Story by Choi Choon-bo, A Robot Scientist

A Robot Scientist, Choon-bo Choi's Meditation Story

“A commonality between a robot’s brain and a human mind is that it is healthier when it is erased and subtracted.”

Brooks Automation, a first-ranking robot making company in the United States, is famous for producing precise and comprehensive robots. Choi Choon-bo(61) was a senior managing director and also worked as a research scientist to develop a robot’s brain. The robot software development team she managed became the world-best development team and known as ‘a small United Nations.’ Starting to study engineering at 40 years of age, she entered Brooks Automation to rise to the position of senior managing director as an Asian woman in 4 years. She received salary that was equal to highest income earners (upper 5%) in America; and was recognized for her superb performances. She started subtraction meditation when she was searching for answers to unsolvable fundamental questions of life.

What I Had Been Searching For All My Life Finally Found Me

“When I look back,
I am no longer an angry or a fearful person.
I’m happy and caring all the time.”

Manjuu Shrinagesh / Gurgaon, India

My journey into spirituality started many years ago. I had searched for the answers and tried many other forms of meditations. However, I couldn’t find any answers to my questions. Why had many relationships ended so traumatically? Why did my business collapse? Why was I falling ill so often? Why were my family members suffering from terminal illnesses and why was I fearful of loosing them to death? I was so full of fear of death, so I couldn’t really deal with this eventuality. I was in a downward spiral of darkness, disillusionment, despair, grief, anger and rage. Read More

What You Have To Do For The Best Performance Is ‘Letting Go’

“I truly realized that when I have nothing, I can put everything in it.”

Jihye Shin / Oboist / South Korea

Jihye Shin(32) is a very promising and capable oboe player. After studying music in Germany, she is participating in various orchestras or chamber music as a principal oboist and is teaching at Korea National University of Arts and Kyungpook National University. Yoonjung Lee(the current professor at Kyunghee University), who was her supervisor during her Korea National University of Arts years, said, “She was very talented. But, the best part in her was that she has remained calm all the time and has never faltered.” Read More

Looking Back It Was A Miracle


“Now I met this method, I know, it solved all the questions I have had.”

                                                                                                                       Yi Zhang /  Santa Monica, America

Hello, greetings to those who are reading this. My name is Zhang Yi and I am from China. I went to United States to study four years ago. Currently I am second grade in university. I met Meditation in March 8, 2015 in Santa Monica while I was attending school as usual. I was on a website searching for a workshop of my school. At the moment, I saw the word “meditation,” it caught my attention, since I was always searching the ways to utilize one’s potential fully. After I clicked on the website, next day the staff there called me and asked me to attend a seminar. I went and thought it was good, so I registered. Read More