Gurgaon Meditation Free Introductory Seminar

Gurgaon Meditation Introduction Class

Date / Time : Everyday 07:30am-11:00pm by Personal Booking (average estimated time : 60 minutes)
Place : Gurgaon Meditation Center (check the address and location here)
Contact : (91) 70422-39996 / (91) 0124-4285150
E-mail :

Please book your seats for Gurgaon Meditation Introduction Session :


Gurgaon Meditation Introduction Session is arranged by personal booking (Tel. 70422-39996)

Introduction is an easy lecture about what goes on in this meditation. After attending to introduction, you can register as a non-binding member. And you can also start from level 1 course immediately.

Now it is the age that everybody can become truth. There is an exact method. Last year also, 5,000 people have already become complete. All of them are living as truth happily everyday. It’s not somebody else’s story any more. Yourself should become complete.

Now is the time, now, when God, Buddha, great compassion and love come to the world and take man who would otherwise disappear to the living land of Truth; when man can have the mind of God and be reborn in the mind of God by cleansing his mind; when man can be saved. Is there anything in the world more important than this? This is the reason man comes into the world.


– Woo Myung, The Founder Of Meditation

From <Stop Living In This World,
Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever>