Level 1 – Throwing away the remembered thoughts

Level 2 – Throwing away the images of myself, the images of my human relationships and myself

Level 3 – Throwing away my body

Level 4 – Throwing away my body and the universe

Level 5 – Throwing away my body and the universe

Level 6 – Self disappears by subtraction and become the Universe

Level 7 – Throwing away the illusionary world of pictures and myself living inside that world


This meditation is guided meditation that is consisted of 7 levels.

Each level has its own method to subtract the false human mind and very clear self-confirmation process. Because the method is very easy and simple, even the 8-year-old children and the 80-year-old grandparents can meditate together with the same method. If you only follow the guide, anybody can do it.

If you want to know what exactly goes on in this meditation, please make a reservation for your free introduction session.