Salvation Is Not Your Self Living

What is salvation and why do people need to be saved? It is the way of the world that all creations come from the original foundation and return to it. This is the law of nature. Because man is false and an illusion, this falseness must be eliminated if he is to return to the word and be born as a real person. This is man’s salvation. Man can only be saved when he is reborn in his mind that has become the world. In other words, only when his false self has completely disappeared can he become real.

The mythical stories of human completion and people living in eternal heaven spoke of the current age: God, Buddha and heaven existing in man’s mind when his mind changes from falseness to the real mind of the origin, and then being reborn from the origin. Until now it was the age of incompletion, an age when people read religious scriptures and just talked about Truth; but now it is the age when all people can become Truth and complete, and anyone can become a saint and an eternally living immortal. In the past people only added to their minds. Now people can become complete and live in heaven if they subtract what is in their minds. This is precisely the method of this meditation – it shows you how to discard your false delusions, be born from Truth, and become a true person.

– Woo Myung

From <Stop Living In This Land. Go To The Everlasting World of Happiness. Live There Forever>